Michael Elkayam Art

Michael Elkayam Art

Michael Ekayam, is the scion of an illustrious family of scholars craftsmen renowned for their jewelry calligraphy & copper relier inscriptions & calligraphy & ornaments. From early age, he learned to love appreciate art & was ancouraged to develop his own creative talents. Whil studing at the Mikve Israel Agricultural Hige School in Tel Aviv, he praticipated in numerous graphics, painting & sculpture workshop. Elkayam uses versious media for his creation, including oil on canvas, watercolor, chalk and easpecially traditional ink-on-parchment inscriptions.This liturgical citations, proverbs, bendicitions and Biblical passages are exquisitely illuminated in bold, bright colors, manlfesting a genuine synthesis of the old and the new, the classic art of jewish calligraphy with most advanced principles of contemporary desighn and composition.Traditional Jewish art has always shunned realistic depiction of human subjects, in keeping with the third commandment: " thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image..." michael elkayam continues this tradition, cocentrating on simbols readly identifiable with Judaism an the jewish people, including: * the menora: the seven-branched candelaburn of the holy temple, a common motif in jewish art throuhout history and the emblem of the state of Israel the lamp: representing the brilliance of tora study and recalling the eternal light of the temple and synagogue. * musical instruments: the bibllical jewish history. Elkayam's themes inciude ancient instruments, such as harp, lyre, ram's horn, trumpet and drum.

Michael Elkayam's Blessing of the Home

Blessing of the Home

Birkat Haba'it (Blessing of The Home)

Amazon | $119.98

This phenomenal piece of art is a genuine reproduction of "Blessing Of The Home" by Israeli artist Michael Elkayam. Blessing of the home is a special ancient Hebrew text that is believed to have spiritual qualities and provides with positive energies to every house. Each product is uniquely signed by the artist Michael Elkayam. Measurements (including passepartout) Height - 17 Inches Width - 12.7 Inches ***Note - Passepartout may be cut down to fit your frame. Measurements (net artwork only) Width - 8.58 Inch Height -13.5 Inch

Michael Elkayam's Hannukah Blessing

Hannukah Blessing

Amazon | $24.99

A rare creation by Israeli Artist Michael Elkayam. This Hannukah blessing is a must have at any Jewish home. Makes a fantastic Hannukah gift! The blessing includes Hebrew transcript of the text said in the holiday of Hannukah upon candle lighting.